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Los Angeles based, dream pop sisters, Brooke and Gia Rose DiTullio are 1323. 

They are called dream pop for a reason! The blend of Gia’s warm, silky tone and Brooke’s sultry yet breathy vocals form a daydream signature sound that has captivated and captured the attention of listeners all over the world.

Originally from Wichita, Kansas, and growing up in LA, these girls share a taste for both small town and big city life. You can feel the “california kid” lifestyle in their lyrics, melodies and instrumentals.

The music pulls from influences of 80’s pop, alternative and r&b/hip-hop. Four on the floor kicks and groovy baselines layered with crunchy electric guitars and laid back synths paint pictures of young, rebellious love. With a combination of their effortlessly cool sound and look, 1323 brings with them a piece of nostalgia from every decade. Their brand reflects the 60’s through to the 2000’s and with each song you are taken back to another place in time.

1323 picked up momentum quickly with their debut singles “Paradisin” and “Sleepwalking”. Both were immediately picked up by a number of Spotify editorial playlists gaining them over half a million streams in a matter of months. 1323 adore and pride themselves on the support of their fans. As they continue to grow they are always hosting opportunities to win prizes and see exclusive content. They want fans to know they are a huge part of the music. 

Brooke and Gia Rose also model and act for a number of companies including LF, 23 & Me, Ten Sixty Sherman, Madison & Berkeley, Ron Hami, and more. You might have seen Gia Rose on the show Summer Break. 

Often mistaken for twins, these bombshells turn every head they walk by. But don’t underestimate the timeless blondes, nothing to play with. 

1323 makes the type of music to drive down the coast on an empty highway blasting the heat with the windows down on a cool night. They sing about being wild, of young socialites, and of falling in love. But don’t get comfortable thinking they won’t break a heart and write a song about it. 1323’s quoteable earworms and dreamy melodies stick and their music goes with just about anything. The DiTullio sisters are on the rise with nowhere to go but up!

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Brooke DiTullio

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Meet Brooke DiTullio. A singer, songwriter, and actress born in Beverly Hills, CA on October 23,1996. Her interest in music began in her early teens and by 14 she had released her first single “Why Must Love Be So Hard?” She continued to work on lyrics & learn guitar throughout high school. In the spring of 2015 she released a pop single as well as upbeat dance song “Dial Her Number” which both feature younger sister Gia Rose DiTullio. Her youthful and innocent “Wanderlust” EP arrived later that year in the summer with influences such as Taylor Swift, all while dedicating time to her acting career as well. Now in her early 20's she is actively booking roles in tv/film and is onto a new edgier sound as half of sister pop duo 1323.

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Gia Rose DiTullio

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Meet Gia Rose Di Tullio. Born in Beverly Hills, CA on July 13, 1999. She picked up her first guitar when she was thirteen years old and fell in love with music. Gia has worked in the entertainment industry her whole life. She was introduced to acting at a young age and has appeared in numerous TV shows. She starred in an online reality series, gaining thousands of followers across all social platforms. In the summer of 2015 she wrote and released her first single "Girl Next Door" which featured her sisters Brooke & MK DiTullio. Gia is a star on the stage and behind the camera. Music has been a major constant in her life along with her older sister, Brooke Di Tullio. Together they make 1323.

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